Riders, Dragons, the fair folk and an evil King: Eldest by Christopher Paolini

23 Apr


I am now reading Eldest by Christopher Paolini, which makes me almost unable to do anything else. The pages flip as if enchanted, and my heart beats faster as the saga unfolds. The typical epic of the good and the bad, and the struggle between the two. Eldest is the second book in the Inheritance saga.

After Eragon arrives at Farthen Dun, with the injured elf-maid Arya that he had helped rescue from the Urgals, he is faced with another challenge: war. The Varden, who have helped cure Arya, expect his untiring help, while the dwarves are not so pleased to see him. He is lucky, he manages to kill Durza, the empire’s feared loyal servant. As a result, the empire’s army disintegrates and the Varden win the battle, with the help of Eragon, the new Rider, and his dragon, Saphira. To fulfill his promise to Brom, his instructor, he must head on to Ellesmera, the elves’ place, and receive further training necessary if they are to stand against Galbatorix and the empire.


Back in his village, his cousin Roran is in danger of capture, as the empire plans to capture him as bait for his cousin, Eragon. The only way to survive is to find their way to Surda, and seek protection form the Varden, the only people brave enough to openly oppose Galbatorix, the evil king. Roran and the group from Carvahall must brace the cold winter in the woods, feed themselves, and evade the Raz’ac ( the empire’s servants), a queer race of creatures with beaks, foul smell and ear-splitting shrieks.

Will Eragon manage to absorb Oromis’ decades experience and training in just a few months? Will he withstand the sword-play that he must do everyday with the arrogant elf Vanir, suffering seizures as a result of his wound from Durza, the Shade? Then there is his infatuation with Arya, Queen Islanzadi’s daughter, which threatens his concentration in the much-needed training. Will he be able to face Galbatorix’s increasing power?


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