Courting Miss Lancaster

6 Aug

Courting Miss Lancaster is a light, delightful and humorous read set in the regency period. Miss Athena Lancaster is the Duke of Kilder’s sister-in-law who is really looking forward to having a season and thereby be swept off her feet by the man of her dreams. Except that she is yet to meet him.

Harry Windover is the Duke’s best friend who has been entrusted with fielding off would be fortune hunters from Miss Lancaster’s path. Obviously, he grows rather too fond of her and more obviously, his estate is in need of extensive repairs.

His plan, as she doesn’t have any ready-made list of characteristics she is looking for in a husband, is to introduce her to all manner of men who he’s sure she will never care for. This, he thinks, will buy him time in order to be as long as possible in her presence. It is superfluous to say that his plan backfires wildly and puts the events into a climax.

I liked this book because of the humour of the characters. Henry is at the top of the list, with his influence on all the members of the family, albeit each in a different manner. His exchanges with his friend the Duke are laced with irony, with Athena compassion and I cannot help myself from laughing at her naïveté.  She does not even realize that she is in love!

“I have found that sometimes a person is the last to know when she is in love. One’s heart does not always share its secrets with one’s mind.” Athena’s sister Persephone saves the day.

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