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Hibernation: of animals and humans

24 Mar

Ireland is called Hibernia in Latin. The Romans never conquered it as they did Britain. There are no roman ruins or highways inIreland. Aqueducts and forums only exist in Irish dictionaries. The story goes that the reason why they never reached there is because of the cold in that island. That’s why they called it Hibernia, which means winter.

We read of animals that hibernate-sounds familiar-when it is too cold. They only “wake up” when it is spring and are active until the next winter comes along. This reminds me, the humans do it the other way round! We are active in winter, we go to school, we work, we even play winter games, and we even have got winter Olympics! Come summer time, we are all like lizards in the beach soaking up the sun!

I am not saying that animals have the better deal. We are obviously very different; we are the higher “animals”. Sometimes it helps to observe nature and to laugh a little bit about ourselves. And to tell the truth, from time to time we all need some moments of “hibernation”!