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Why read books if you can watch movies?

27 Apr

A friend of mine once asked me this question. At the time, I tried my best to convince her that books are worthwhile to read, but it was obvious that she was not taken in. I am not saying “Don’t watch movies, read books instead” but “Hey, books are really interesting”. Note that I would also say the same thing for movies, only that I am not crazy about movies, but books. They just have me intoxicated, and singing under the influence! Here is one of those songs:

While I was young I fell in love with X. It was the typical love at first sight. The Spanish call it “flechazo de amor” and they are right, it was like a poisoned dart that can’t do anything else other than that for which it was meant for. I don’t know if my dad knows it, but he is the one who introduced me to this chap. “He is really nice, and besides, has loads of interesting stuff to share”, said dad. I checked him out, and I liked what I saw. As time went on, I grew so fond of him that we were seeing each other everyday, we spent many hours together. I treasured those moments. When I think about those hours now, all that comes to mind is the image of being high up in the sky, with my hands stretched out, the wind in my face, and wearing a big smile. Yeah, that’s what it is like to be in love with X.

What did we share? We talked about this and that, other people, their passions, hard times, and their cultures, history, laughter, fantasy, open places, the classics… which made me wiser in a certain sense. Not to mention relaxation and comfort just by being with X. And happier. Definitely.

Translate X for books and you’ve got my reason for reading books. Now I know what to reply to my friend’s question. Hope that you get to discover and fall in love with your X.

Good luck,

From Mary, X’s lover for life!